Tea - Zairai Kamairicha

Tea - Zairai Kamairicha

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Origin: Kumamoto, Kyushu, Japan

Producer: Takahiro Okabe

Notes: Floral, Umami, Refined Tannins 

This is something that not many of our customers know but our founder actually started as a tea drinker. It is because of this that high quality tea is very close to our hearts. Recently we started working together with a brand new tea sourcing company called Nari Tea and their ideology behind knowing your tea immediately struck a chord with us. 

What makes Nari Tea special is that they source single origin tea that’s traced down to to the varietal! This is amazing since not a lot of other companies go through that kind of effort to track down varietal information of tea. It has been an industry standard to know which tea you’re drinking but beyond that there has been no development towards a more transparent and information oriented approach to tea. We are proud to support Nari Tea on their journey towards better and better tea. 

The first tea we offer is a traditional pan roasted Kamairicha produced by Takahiro Okabe in Kumamoto, Japan. Kumamoto lies in the very South of Japan where the summers are hot and winters cold. There is ample rainfall throughout the year which results in this teas floral yet deep umami flavor. This tea has an amazing lychee and hard sugar candy sweetness in its aroma which translates to a long and sweet aftertaste in the final cup. 

Processing: Kamairicha

Aroma: Lychee, Candy, Red Berries, Syrup

Amount: 50g of loose leaf tea

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