La Florida - Sidra White Honey

La Florida - Sidra White Honey

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This is the first year that we are buying Fabricios coffee from Hacienda La Florida. We visited the farm first time not too long after the World Brewers Cup had ended and found out that Fabricio not only has perfect virgin forest shading his coffee trees but also has developed meticulous standards for processing and cherry handling. 
We were very impressed by the level of attention he put on every aspect of the operation of his farm, how to best cultivate varietals, how to standardise processes and drying and his constant drive to improve and be better than yesterday. A concept that resonated with us as well.
We did not purchase coffee on our first visit to Ecuador but six months later when we came back and tried Fabricios coffees again we were simply astounded by them. Fabricio presented us with his newly processed Sidra that he was going to put in the Golden Cup Competition (Taza Dorada in Spanish) and offered to let us buy some of it. We immediately purchased the as much of the coffee as we could get which was 14kg.
Fabricio ended winning third place in Taza Dorada with this coffee having a combined blind cupping score between 11 judges of 91.45 points. The cup is delicate, with notes of red berries and aromatic gin botanicals and it is processed as a white honey.




SCORE: 91.45