Hario V60 Filters

Hario V60 Filters

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These are our preferred filters for our conical pour over methods. They’re the original tabless, sized 02 filters which are made in Japan and come in a carboard box. 

In case you’re worried, these are the “good” filters with faster running time and uniform paper throughout the whole filter. This means that the filter is made from one piece of paper which is the same both on the inside and outside. 


  • Origin: Japan
  • Manufacturer: Hario Japan
  • Method: Pour Over
  • Style: Conical Filter (tabless)
  • Processing: Bleached
  • Amount (01): 40 pieces
  • Amount (02): 40 pieces
  • Amount (03): 100 pieces
  • Packaging: Cardboard Box
  • Brew: Fast & Clean