Finca Elida: Natural Catuai - Wholesale

Finca Elida: Natural Catuai - Wholesale

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Our Delicate series of coffees represent the most elegant cups of coffee we’ve ever tasted. These are the coffees you go to when you want something sophisticated, something which makes you close your eyes in delight and think of that warm summer day at the park. 

The Delicate series of coffees exhibit refined attributes of high quality teas, florals, exotic fruits, wine and are something which we make at home on a lazy Sunday at brunch. 


It was this March in Panama when we had the pleasure to visit the esteemed Lamastus Family farm and cup some amazing lots together with both Wilford Senior and Junior. Ever since then we have been thinking about their coffees and wishing that maybe One Day (a small pun intended) we would be able to make some of their coffees available for our customers and wholesale clients.

Today we are happy to say that we’re releasing an amazing Natural Catuai from Finca Elida, in Boquete, Chiriqui Province in Panama, produced by the Lamastus Family. This marks the beginning of our direct relationship with one of the greatest farms in the world, a relationship which we are happy to build on and cultivate over the coming years of cooperation.

This coffee we chose to be our next Delicate series representative is cultivated between 1650-1800 meters above sea level on the slopes of Volcan Baru, the dormant volcano in Chiriqui which provides shelter from aggressive winds and rains on one side and traps moisture on the other. This unique location combined with the narrow structure of Panamas landmass creates stunning microclimates which again contribute to Panamanian coffees unique and varying spectrum of cup qualities.

This Natural Catuai has a lot of sweetness and strawberry like structure which we are happy to showcase alongside our existing coffees.

This coffee is currently available for pre-purchase. We will start to roast it this coming  Thursday and shipping out on Tuesday the 29th.


  • Origin: Panama
  • Region: Boquete, Chiriqui
  • Farm: Finca Elida
  • Producer: Lamastus Family
  • Varietal: Catuai
  • Processing method: Classic Natural
  • Elevation: 1650-1800 masl.
  • Flavors: Strawberry, Sweet, Floral
  • Amount: 200g roasted coffee beans